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Quiet The Mind and The Soul Will Speak. The Power of Silence!

Quiet The Mind and The Soul Will Speak

Quiet The Mind and The Soul Will Speak: This is the Quote from Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati’s words of wisdom. People who live in a world that always seems to be busy with many things. Everyone is trying to get the Desired Success they need in life, But they don’t have the time to “Quiet their Minds & Be capable of Same”. Review our detailed post to Nurture Your Soul’s Voice by Quieting the Mind.

Quiet Your Mind And The Soul Will Speak

How often do you find some amount of peace in your Mind? Do you always try to keep yourself busy with things to do in your Life? When we think about – Why we don’t like Being quiet ourselves in this world, it’s Exciting. Don’t worry, You will find it.

Might something come to our life, but it already Exists? You’re just carrying them around until they are found & fixed. Besides that, we all have a lot of motivation & light within us. We can get great gifts if we take our time & listen to our souls. Sounds exciting?

Of course, Everyone is busy with their own life & responsibilities. But at the same time, everyone finds some moments, To rest their Mind & Body every night through sleep & make their life more productive.

Everyone, No matter how busy they are in their Life, Always makes time to make their body flexible with the proper nutrients & food. In other words, this means that every one of us has the time at a certain point in our day to quiet our Minds. Let our conscious mind reflect within us, So our soul can speak to ourselves. Always Choice is Yours!

How to Quiet the Mind: Best 10 Methods

Mindfulness has many more benefits, and The research Says these benefits are increasing. People finally realise that much of life happens between their ears. Hope you understand.

These days, there are a lot of sounds that take our attention, so it’s tough to keep our minds calm from the distracting environment. But the research says that, If you don’t take the time to clear your mind, it could have a significant effect on your life.

You don’t have to sit cross-legged in a quiet room to make your mind calm down. That will be great, If you can do that – Here are 10 techniques to help you calm down & make the Mind Quiet.

1. Relax and take some deep Breaths

We all indeed Breathe every time, but if you want to use your breath to find Stillness, Then Pay more attention to it very closely. Pay close attention to the beat – Listen to your breath. If you’re used to taking sharp or Short breaths, Try taking it longer and more profound. Put your hand on your stomach. As you breathe In & Out, You should feel it Rise & spread. You should be able to handle it; as you breathe regularly, Just Aim for 6 Breaths every minute.

2. Do some Physical Workout

Exercise is one of the best ways to clear your mind. Running at a fast pace or a Gentle Yoga class that calms you down and can help you control your monkey mind.

Quiet The Mind and The Soul Will Speak

3. Use an App that helps You to Meditate

Maintaining an App that leads you through Meditation can help you stay on track & return to the present moment if your mind is distracted. Also, these tools can benefit people who have never meditated before. Apps are like having a coach because they “take the pressure off a little bit.” Because you have to think to ponder, it can be distracting. “Focusing on the procedure can be depressing since you overthink things.” Use the App wisely.

4. Make sure you get Adequate Sleep

Getting enough sleep is one of the vital factors in calming your mind, So if your mind is constantly engaged with something, You won’t be able to stop (With your interest) it when you’re tired. Your Noisy mind may be just from not getting enough sleep. Make sure, You get the average sleep every night (7-9 hours).

5. Be A Music Lover

Excellent & Calm Music always slows down the activity in your brain. The Amygdala is part of the brain that reacts to Fear. When fewer neurons fire in this area, it may send more occasional messages to other parts of your brain. If you want to forget about your pain, music can help. Pay close attention, not just in the background, to what is happening. You’ll think about other things less when you pay more attention to the Music.

Quiet The Mind and The Soul Will Speak

6. Don’t forget to make the Gratitude List

Make a Gratitude list; Prepare your own – It can be an excellent addition to a relaxing bedtime habit. For a peaceful mind right before bed, Keep it next to your bed & Think about all the good things in your life. Plus, you can re-read it when you’re feeling down. It will provide you with a moral boost to your Life.

7. Practice Mindfulness

This is not Meditation, but it might feel more Relaxed & Calm, When You are stuck in your head & need a quick moment to settle yourself in the present, Basically without any judgment, It Pay focus on the present moment.

Moment by moment, this means focusing on what you’re doing, like your breath sound, the way food goes in the mouth, where you’re stressed or at ease in your body, and so on. It can help to focus on the present moment instead of what’s going on in your mind, which is typically a faraway place. Try to adapt Mindfulness practice in your Life to make it Beautiful.

8. Remove Any Distractions

Today, there are many things which can take your attention away very quickly. It can be challenging to clear thoughts because there is so much information available. Computers & Phones that keep beeping. The new Netflix shows that you can’t ignore etc. So move your Computer & Phone to a different room & turn off the TV which takes your attention, This way you can make your Mind and Thoughts clear & Stable.

Quiet The Mind and The Soul Will Speak

9. Be Creative

Colour books, Knitting, Sketching & pottery can make you fun & interesting when your mind is too engaged. Simply doing the same thing repeatedly, For example, Making dough, can help you clear your mind & stop talking to yourself. Enjoy being a kid again! It’s essential to enjoy the journey & not stress too much about the result. It’s your Life, How you make it beautiful – It’s Your Choice!

10. Maintain the Gratitude Journal

Being thankful helps us calm down & come back to the present moment. There is no better time to start a list of things for which you’re grateful. There are many ways to maintain & Track Your gratitude. You can write in a traditional gratitude book, Text a friend what you’re thankful for, or keep a note on your phone & write down moments of gratitude as they come to You, Remember Gratitude Journal is one of the best things you can adapt to your Life to make it more beautiful.

What Happens to the Soul after Quiet the Mind?

Once our mind is calm, it will be easy for the soul to think. We can listen/hear better what our soul tries to tell us when our minds are clear. It’s hard to calm or slow down our minds when they’ve been in that state their whole lives. It’s possible by managing your thoughts through Meditation, you feel comfortable & Calm.

7 Benefits if You Stay Silent For 7 Days?

1. It boosted Innovation

The absence of your conversation can help you think of new ideas & innovation. Brains become more creative & busier when they become silent or calm for some time. This could help you visualize things from different angles & develop new ideas that will make you more creative.

2. A Decrease in Anxiety & Stress

Being in a situation where you feel like you must speak to people all the time. It makes quite stressful. Being Silent can help to ease the stress & worry (Which generally comes when we Talk). It is possible to experience a greater sense of calm.

3. Productivity Improvement

Embracing times of silence can help you to become more productive, Lowering your stress & Making your work faster way. How do you measure yourself? How much did you achieve? Remember. You might not be getting the most out of quiet if you are trying to get as much done as possible in a short amount of time & barely any sleep.

As per the different analyses, It has been stated that doing nothing & Keeping quiet, Can help your brain make more new cells. This could make you more Active in the future just by doing nothing. Thinking about any situation could make you 10 times more productive.

Quiet The Mind and The Soul Will Speak

4. Better ability to Listen

You can provide more time to listen to others without talking. You’ll be able to pay more attention to this. Indeed, you can speak to others better after doing this. You can relate & understand other people better when you take the time to listen to them.

If You Stay Silent For 7 Days

5. Improvise Patience

Being Silent & Calm can help you be more patient & aware, which can help you deal with problems more calmly and productively. Many of us miss out on the benefits of silence because of all the noise in our lives & the media. Usually, People these days tend to lose their cool quickly when things get complicated.

Being Peaceful & Calm grows when you learn to enjoy silence. If you do it regularly, your ability to wait for things will also improve. You’ll handle everyday problems like traffic jams & long queues, At the store, in a better way if you learn to enjoy your Silence time.

6. It helps you become more Self-aware and Mindful

What will happen in 7 days if you don’t say anything? When you are in Silence. Moreover, You can focus more on what you Do and think. It helps you focus more on your inner conversation and live in the present moment. Being more aware can help you become more in control of your thoughts, Desires and wishes. Generally, It will help you become more self-aware & reflect.

Quiet The Mind and The Soul Will Speak

7. Better ability to Concentrate

It’s easier to focus & concentrate when there is silence, which helps you get things done faster. One big reason why silence has become so important in modern life is that it enables you to concentrate when all the sounds of contemporary life come at you at once. There is often some background noise that helps people focus on different jobs.

When a sound reaches about 80 levels, it takes effort to focus. The best place to concentrate is somewhere peaceful or with only a little noise in the background.

To summarize, by Exploring the above benefits, you will take productive steps in your Life.

Best 10 Quotes on Clear Mind

Quotes On Clear Mind
1Stay Open and listen to what the universe is trying to tell you. It will guide you in the right direction of success.
2Stay Open and listen to what the universe is trying to tell you. Therefore, It will guide you in the right direction of success.
3You won’t have to look for direction if your mind is clear. Generally, You’ll know what to do.
4To reach your full potential, you must keep your Mind clear.
5A clear Mind means there are a lot of options. Make sure your mind stays clear. Accordingly, Your dreams will come true.
6We must get away occasionally to clear our minds & get back on track.
7Peace is found in a quiet and clear mind. A clear mind can help you deal with the chaos of everyday life.
8A calm Lake shows the beauty of the world in a clear mind.
9You can Think and act purposefully when your mind and room are clear.
10You can Think and Act purposefully when your mind is clear.


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