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How Can God Speak to You Through Your Mind

How Can God Speak to You Through Your Mind

How Can God Speak to You Through Your Mind

God speak to us through his beautiful creation what He made. His Holy Spirit, miracles, Our Thought process, and other ways He Speak to us. God helps us to feel his spiritual power w.r.t different situations. Can God Speak To You Through Your Mind? Welcome to our in-depth analysis of the spiritual journey where you can enable your Beautiful Mind to connect with God.

God often talks to us through the people with whom we live our daily lives. We think that God is still talking to us through his Spiritual power. We have a clear picture of how God speaks to us and how he talks through Jesus. That is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit’s presence.

How do you know God Speaks to You Through Your Mind?

Thoughts can come from 3 places: Your Mind, the spirit that is one with God after being born again, or the devil. Most of the time, thoughts from your heart are self-honouring, self-serving & greedy. Your old evil nature trained you before you were born again. This part of you is called the flesh. The mind that is based on the flesh is wrong & doesn’t follow God’s rules.

This is why God can give us thoughts like “I should mow the neighbour’s lawn.” The idea is in the first person because God told your spirit about it. Then, your spirit sends it to the brain in the first-person mode.

God talks to you in your thoughts in different ways. Have a look into the primary 3 ways-

1. When God Speak to You Through Your Mind – It never contradicts His Nature

Did you understand that God is good to you all the time? He is kind & patient with you all the time. God will always cheer you on. He loves you very much & always thinks the best of you. Love is good and pure, so He will never tell you to do something wrong.

God is the same all the time. God is God because it never changes in this universe. He is not going to say anything that goes against who he is. This is what makes God Trustworthy and reliable.

Unfair thoughts are not from God because God is Love. Love is kind & cheerful. Love will never judge or put you down, so never listen to ideas that make you feel like a loser.

Sometimes, God will tell you something wrong about yourself to help you remember who you are. He is the loving Father who will tell you what you are doing does not match your identity. He will help you become more like who you are in Christ. You are loved, sound, & Holy, He tells you.

2. When God Speak to You Through Your Mind – As per the Bible, it will never go against You

The way God talks will never go against what the Bible says. Because God never changes, it will always be correct. God never start going against what he has said in his word. His word is what he wants for you.

If it goes against the Bible, it is not from God, no matter how many feelings you get, what signs you see, or how many people agree with what you think God said. You can avoid a lot of discomfort & hassle by understanding this.

If you know God’s Word well, you can recognise his words better when He speaks to you in your mind. Because God can quickly remind you of the Scriptures you have read, the more you have in your heart, the simpler it will be for Him to lead you.

3. When God Speak to You Through Your Mind – It must be True

You cannot always be sure that a thought came from God right after the fact. If you do what you think God told you to do, it will be apparent if the thought came from God.

God always keeps what he says. It could be through the Bible while your preacher is preaching. Songs are another way. To ensure you know it’s him, God can use a different way to show you his word is accurate.

If you do something because you think God told you to & it hurts someone, you should be humble & say you missed it. You can cut it. That is how we grow & experience ourself.

It’s a good habit to say, “I think this is what God is saying,” – When you think you hear God talking to you in your subconscious. It’s okay if it finds out to be wrong. Sometimes, we all miss it.

It will prove correct when God speaks to you through your thoughts & You follow his leading. You can only see this after the fact, but it will help you figure out how God speaks.

How You Will Hear God’s Voice?

1. Have a Particular time to learn the Word of God

As Christians, reading the Bible is very important for our spiritual growth. Also, for knowing what God wants for our lives. Even though many of us are very busy, it’s essential to read & study God’s word daily.

One way to do this is to set aside a certain amount of time daily to study the Bible. Getting closer to God & knowing His teachings and promises better may mean getting up a little earlier or giving up other things that aren’t necessary. Remember, the benefits are immeasurable.

How You will hear the God’s Voice

Can God Speak To You Through Your Mind

Setting clear goals for our study time is also helpful, like focusing on a specific book or theme or using study guides and other resources to better our knowledge.

2. Have a dedicated Prayer Time

For connecting with God & Spiritual growth, it’s essential to have a good prayer life. We can say Thank You, ask for forgiveness through prayer & ask for help. Setting aside time to pray daily can help us grow closer to our Faith & find peace in our Lives.

To pray effectively, we should have an open mind & heart, focusing on our goals rather than the exact words we use. You can improve your ability to hear God’s word by setting aside time for prayer every day, no matter how much duration.

3. Remember the meeting of the Saints

If you are a believer, you should attend the meeting of other believers. This group, whether in a Mosque, Church, Synagogue or some other spiritual place, is where we find comfort in our Faith.

Can God Speak To You Through Your Mind

Being with people who believe the same things can give us the strength to deal with Life’s problems. Also, at these meetings, We can learn more about the Bible & hear about other people’s personal experiences with God.

1In the name of Jesus, ask God to talk to you
2Be humble Yourself & get down on your knees
3Get on with your life and give your attention
4Ask God to show Himself to you in a way you cannot miss

Prayer and Worship Is a Way We Can Hear from God

Worship is likely the best way to hear God. It’s great because it lets you eliminate thoughts that aren’t about Him. It is easy, but more is needed. We need to plan appropriately to execute this very nicely and devotionally.

Looking at Him with all of your attention takes a lot of energy. Faith can be shown in many ways. In the Bible, this could mean Songs and hymns. It could mean prayer with the hope of getting an answer.

Can God Speak To You Through Your Mind

Fasting is another way to show praise. In this case, fasting can help to purify your head, heart & eyes. People make good progress in Life because they fast correctly. Lack of food is one way to build energy by denying your fleshly wants, but it’s not the only thing that changes your Life. It is the main factor. During the fasting, you often do not use social media or other entertainment. This might deviate your mind.

Does God Know What’s Going Through in Our Minds?

You can put God’s thoughts into your mind because He knows about it. It is an honour to know what God is thinking. God knows what you are considering before you even say it. God knows about you more than you know yourself. God knows your thoughts before you express them. It makes Him so happy that you exist. He says that you are His work of art. He loves & knows you thoroughly.

15 Controlling Mind Quotes: Make your Mind Stable and Peaceful

Can God Speak To You Through Your Mind

Controlling Mind Quotes
1Your mind can be controlled until you understand this. Until then, you are someone else’s puppet in their game.
2We are happy and more at peace when we can control our thoughts.
3With a positive mindset, you believe you are not helpless against others or events out of your control.
4You can get any trait you want by acting like you already have it.
5It’s like you’re the captain of a ship. The unconscious runs everything you do, so you must give it the proper instructions, thoughts, and pictures.
6When your mind is calm and balanced, it only does what you want.
7Turning off the negative and turning on the positive is all it takes to eliminate stress. Just be experienced and dance to the music in your mind instead of the talk.
8You will always be someone else’s tool until you understand how simple it is to control your thoughts.
9As with any muscle, the more you use it, the more powerful it gets and the bigger it can get.
10You are in charge of your mind, not the outside world. If you understand this, you will be strong.
11If someone thinks, feels, and believes something, their mind, body, and surroundings are also that way.
12There is no sleep for your mind. It’s always working. It manages all of your essential activities. There is a faster way to heal: forgive yourself and everyone else before you go to sleep.
13You can’t control the thoughts of people who don’t care about the wrongdoings in society.
14Know that you have infinite knowledge and power in your thoughts.
15People under psychological pressure still think they behave independently because of how psychological drive works.


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